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Blue Board

The BlueBoard is the most effective and simple patient movement system available. Whereas the PAT slide requires a person to slide across the surface of the PAT slide, the BlueBoard allows the body to roll across its surface. It is in use throughout a growing number of European hospitals (including all German hospitals) and provides significant manual handling benefits.

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The LockUp pad is an innovative new pad which absorbs body fluids and locks it away. Conventional inco pads/paper towels etc hold very little fluid and drip when they are carried to the bin. The LockUp pad can hold an incredibly amount of fluid, will not drip and virtually dries to the touch. This assists in infection control i.e. no drips, prevents the risk of slippage from fluid on the floor and prevents body fluids causing damage to coffins etc. The BluePad measures 35cm x 25cm and absorbs 1.5 litres of fluid.